*Eliminate Wasteful Government Spending & Consolidate Governmental Agencies

                 *Build a Healthy Job Environment

        * Improve our Public Education System

*Ease Tax Burdens on all Michigan Citizens and Businesses

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     *****A Major Improvement*****

Hello friends!

  It requires an active, honest, and insightful government to provide protections to the citizens and restore our city, our state, and this country to the greatness and prosperity we once held.

  Surely it seems that locally, nationally, and globally the world has gone crazy. You can’t receive information from
most media without learning of a major corporation filing for bankruptcy.  Every day we become aware of new schemes perpetrated by diabolical persons designed to rid us of wealth and possessions. Stories of misdirected government funds or policies, and grievous acts perpetrated upon fellow human beings in Michigan as well as other parts of the United States. From the actions of local criminals, corrupt or simply misguided politicians and financiers, to those of Al-Qaeda and other organized international fanatics, make no mistake, citizens of the United States and our freedom itself is constantly under attack from both inside and out.

  While attacks upon us from outside our national borders are somewhat beyond the responsibilities of the office I currently seek, private or misguided corporate and governmental attacks upon our employment, education, health care, liberties, and our daily lives are within that scope.

  You may already have discerned that I have a strong opinion, a passion about this country, its sovereignty, and our elected government. I strongly believe our government should be as our forefathers had envisioned, not corrupt, immoral, unresponsive, uncaring, or deaf to those he or she was elected to serve. After all, the first three words of the U. S. constitution do read “We the people”, as it was written, as it should be.

  I will listen to you and fight for our rights, jobs, and our children’s futures. These are my rights just as they are yours, and like you I also hold them very dearly. I do not offer you change for the sake of change itself, rather I offer my total commitment to restoration and improvement, restoration in the faith that legislators can be honest, intelligent, and deserving of the office to which “we the people” have elected them, and improvement….., the forward and upward progression from this dark abyss that we as a State, and as a Country, have inexorably been sliding into for many years.

  I ask you to help allow me to fight for the retention of the wealth, pride and confidence you still possess today and to help us rebuild all that has been lost, with integrity, common sense, and your voice, the strong voice of Michigan’s citizens.

  Alone against the great tsunami of economic change we bend and topple, but together we stand tall, proud, and resilient!

Bruce A. Rogers

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Respected Business Manager

Opposes any higher taxes,
supports reducing all taxes on business and citizens

Supports multiple agency surgical cuts in wasteful government spending and higher fiscal accountability

Unencumbered by cronyism, won't sell out to the highest bidder

Supports increased job development  and union preservation through skillful drafting of employment expansion legislation

Defender of the U.S. Constitution in its entirety

Bruce Arthur Rogers
Dear Friends,
The need for strong, honest, and effective leadership still exists in the 34th district. To that end I announce I am  running for Michigan State Representative - 34th District.  I hope you will join this journey and be part of the solution that restores Flint, Genesee County, and Michigan to a safe and prosperous place to call home.
Bruce Rogers